The core values ​​of JSLink

With the goal of bringing the best of human services and the most prestigious, brand became typical for young people awarded sending future, JSLink focused activities with 3 core values.


Transparency is like a lighthouse that shines all activities and the development path of JSLink. Each step development of the company, each service provided to customers are setting the value transparent top. It is the transparency of information, financial transparency and without any deception, hide, excuses.

JSLink understand that, a customer being handed send them confidence to build a brilliant future, it is important that future must be built on the true value and sustainability. So, we will always maintain its transparency even though the future may develop far and wide over many times.


The purpose of every human life is always looking for the happy. So, JSLink will also accompany them to build a sustainable future, welcomed the happy life. We will provide the best products to users not encumbered anxiety. Customers will feel the happiness from experiences brought smallest JSLink.

Not only brought happiness to customers, internally at JSLink, each worker will build roads for their own happiness. We aim to build dynamic work environment, where each person is free to make comments and feel happy in each job and the role they undertake.

JSLink company's employees happy and bring happiness to the value of each customer.


JSLink will always maintain its role as a commercial bridge between Japan - Vietnam - Switzerland. The first step in the field of human resources management and further is towards trade cooperation.

Vietnam's young people will have the opportunity to work and develop themselves in Japan, enhance knowledge and life while studying in Switzerland.

Future, high-quality products of Vietnam will have numerous opportunities to consumers in Japan and Switzerland. At the same time, through JSLink, quality brands from two market leading reputation in Europe and Asia will also come with Vietnam, meet the increasing needs of the people.

This is 3 top value that parallels JS Link in all activities, simultaneously as the guideline for the company on a development path.


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