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📌JSLink proud to be:

  • Exclusive entrance unit of the SWISS IM&H-building administrator contempt and hotel services.
  • Đơn vị độc quyền hỗ trợ công ty cổ phần DECO quốc tế trong việc xuất học sinh sang Nhật Bản học tập và làm việc,in collaboration with the unions in Japan

📌 5 why you should choose JSLINK:

with over 10 Experience:

  1. Construction companies intimate relationships with hundreds of big unions in Japan
  2. Each year processing and production records aside more Japanese 900 overseas student.
  3. JSLink associated with many schools in Japan: Japanese Jin Tokyo, Japanese Urawa, University of Social Welfare Tokyo, Nayoga, Kasuga Japanese Language, College of Economic Information Nagasaki,…
  4. In Viet Nam, The company has training centers in Japanese professional, 80% Teachers at the center have studied and worked in Japan
  5. JSLINK is the perfect choice to have your development opportunities in one of the most advanced country in the world.

Swiss Block:

Block JS HR 1-2-3:

JS block. trading:

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