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Dear: Partner, Customer

INVESTMENT COMPANY INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION JSLINK Please send health wishes and warmest greetings to your partners, Customer

INVESTMENT COMPANY INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION precursor JSLINK have developed since 2013 with the task of sending high-quality labor force of Vietnam to foreign markets work. During your pregnancy rough road when toughest market operators in Asia - Japan and thegioi, we recognize the value of our products is a core value of Vietnam:"Human - Tri - Resources" and since then we have embarked on the recruitment system of vocational training for young people to elevate Vietnam values ​​the international labor market.

Undergo maturation and after 6 years of success in the Japanese market, we have developed our products and services in a multi-trades. JSLINK specialist training consultancy study in Japan, Switzerland, Dispatching service provider personnel to Japan, commercial logistics distribution Japan - Vietnam was and is on track to build exclusive enrollment system for Switzerland, build the system of logistic exclusive to Japan.

In her mission "bridge between 3 countries firmly Vietnam - Japan - Switzerland" and the core values ​​of "transparency - connection - happiness" of JSLINK, with the motto constantly Effort to bring overwhelming success for customers and partners according to international standards, JSLINK promises to be one of the leading units in the market Vietnam service and address for You reliable partner, Customers choose and use our services.

Thank you very much./.


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