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Vision & Mission

JSLink story began in 2013, as Director Truong Thi Dieu Huong began exploring the Japanese market to open up greater opportunities for trainees Vietnam to work at sunrise country. Always appreciated is a difficult market, Japan always requires each employee and sending company must always try and finish the job perfectly. After time exploring the market, JSLink realize that, Factors rebranding of the company's core values ​​of Vietnam: Profile - Tri - Resources. From there a recruitment system and vocational training for young people begin construction with the aim of further raising the value of the Vietnamese in the international labor market. JSLink officially become a bridge between the prestige of Vietnam's labor market and Japan. The company has opened up employment opportunities, life-changing opportunity for thousands of young Vietnam, and provide to the Japanese union elite factors, proficient workmanship, solid expertise, diligent and hardworking creative. Or 5 years of success in the Japanese market, JSLink began to embark in a new door with prospects but also difficulties and challenges as Switzerland. Swiss education market was formally established with the exclusive link to the academy entrance Swiss IM&H. The location is one of the specialized training institute for tourism management and hotel, Swiss IM&H gives students, sinh viên Việt Nam cơ hội học tập chuyên sâu tại một trong những quốc gia đi đầu trên thế giới lĩnh vực dịch vụ nghỉ dưỡng Những bước tiến mạnh mẽ trong suốt 5 the past year has confirmed the brand and reputation of JSLink in the field of human resource training. The company's history is caused by the belief created by partners, thousands of young people. With the determination and efforts to advance, conquer new markets, JSLink will also reach out and develop further. Mission Mission development of current and future JSLink is to become a solid bridge connecting 3 Vietnam market, Japan and Switzerland, both in the field of human resources training and trade cooperation. Vision JSLink vision is geared towards building an exclusive enrollment system for Switzerland. Become the leading prestige brand for parents who wish their child to attend to convey depth of field of tourism management, hotels in Switzerland. With the Japanese market, JSLink continue to develop in order to keep the leading position in the market sending trainees to Japan. Besides that, promoting affiliate programs with educational universities in Japan, bring to the learning opportunities for students high quality Vietnam. In the field of trade cooperation, JSLink promote toxic build logistic systems for the Japanese Posting, focused on providing high-quality goods from Japan to dealers and consumers Vietnam.
  • Time 10 week
  • The maximum number 1000
  • Language English


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