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What is Swiss Test Me?

What is Swiss Test Me?

Test me Swiss (ETC) not a travel program or study alone, TMS is not a program to accumulate points or ordinary skill. TMH is the cumulative program EXPERIENCE.

So the objective of TMS is to arouse, seeking and nurturing INSPIRE. So positive inspiration and endless, students living, and adult learning in a positive way their own

Test Me Swiss program is specially designed to put the Vietnamese students aged 15-18 to the direct experience of "liveable country in the world".

With advanced education, good social benefits, spectacular natural scenery and a multicultural identity, Switzerland deserved to be the ideal place to study and live.

This trip will give them the opportunity to challenge myself with career orientation, collective life experience, English language skills training, learn culture in Switzerland and Europe in depth and visited the historic site, science or art from which, unlimited dreams of youth will tantalize, contribute to shaping the future of many students later.

The program is arranged closely, combine learning with native teachers in the classroom with diverse activities aimed at giving students a full perspective on the life of a future student.

The course helps students understand the country Switzerland as well as the basic operations of the service sector Tourism - Hotels - Restaurants in Switzerland. From understanding the operational procedures, Participants will learn how to analyze organizations, planning, execution and control of the program aims to develop and maintain the beneficial deals with customers.



The practical learning plays an important role in the success of students. The course ensures students will develop creative abilities, work arrangements and build communication style in an international environment suitable for the development trend of the times.

The activities will be held mixture of professional education and training through practical experience, interactive nature of the deep, comprehensive form of leisure areas for the children to bring a period of extremely useful and valuable skills can hardly accumulated through books.

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  • Time 10 week
  • The maximum number 1000
  • Language English


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