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Swiss education seriously practical internship with model high wage, Students easily accumulated experience of international labor. To become a good leader, beyond the understanding of theoretical knowledge, you need to be seasoned in terms of actual, especially hungry for service industry. That is why training programs in SWISS IM&H used 50{a2159d310e2566a76845b8d3735af88d22b6e4a4b4eadd12bdb6409f939691b0} duration for internship. Each school year 2 semester, a period of theoretical study and an internship (6 month). Students internship opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge learned in their major field of study. This helps students of Swiss IM&H become seasoned, confidence and get respect from colleagues.
With each practice, Students will be issued a certificate. Studying in an international environment with many opportunities to practice, simultaneously receive different certificates after learning process gives students SWISS IM&H a solid foundation in the first step on the career path. During the internship period, Students receive an income from 2.300 – 2.500 CHF / month (equivalent 2.350 – 2.550 USD). This income will largely financial support to students to cover tuition for the next academic year.
  • Time 10 week
  • The maximum number 1000
  • Language English


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